Capital Reflections by VARIOUS [paperback] poetry anthology


CAPITAL REFLECTIONS is a collection of poetry and thoughts from contemporary Canberran and ex-Canberran authors, poets, musicians and artists.

Rather than simply recounting the features of the National Capital, CAPITAL REFLECTIONS instead provides an insight into how the authors have been shaped by the social, economic and cultural conditions of the city over the years.

CAPITAL REFLECTIONS showcases the musings of sixteen authors across fifty one pieces of work. Included are internationally published poets Brian Rosenburg [Piano] and PS Cottier [Canberra Dawn, Currawong Caught on Plastic Ribbon]. The subjects explored in this anthology range from forlorn shipwrecks [Gayundah], to memories of innocent childhood days [Summer], love lost, won, or regretted [The Roseate, Mere] and earth based belief [Behold, Eternity].

In an age where the printed word seems to be continually under the threats posed by a fascination with instant information and electronic social media, this is a small contribution to retaining a tangible, familiar and comforting form – a mode of communication still cherished by many people of all ages and backgrounds.

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