In the Spirit of Banjo by Tim the Yowie Man [paperback]


“Cautiously, step by step, I creep down the small white ladder that leads from a trapdoor hidden beneath a bed in room 92 at Duntroon’s Cork Block…”

“Water plunges 40 metres off the cliff top with so much gusto that the morning sun rising upstream creates a rainbow through the water spray. It reaches from one side of the falls to the other. Overhead, a lone wedge-tailed eagle,  flirting on the updrafts, is dwarfed by the gaping gorge that opens up like a giant’s yawn in the ancient landscape below.”

Waxing lyrical about all manner of wonders, from windswept rocky crags in the high country to ghost hunting at the Bredbo Inn, Tim the Yowie Man is certainly not your average travel writer – he is also a well known Canberra identity, mystery investigator, sometime radio host and history and ghost tour guide.

In the Spirit of Banjo brings together a collection of his articles, first published in The Canberra Times, and follows his adventures from the nation’s capital to the Southern Highlands, the Snowy Mountains, the Southern Tablelands and the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales. In these most magical of places, Tim explores rugged mountain ranges, haunted lighthouses, stunning waterfalls, and other little known historical, ecological and environmental gems.

If you are a fan of Tim the Yowie Man, this book is definitely for you. If you’re yet to discover him, you will find his words entertaining and inspiring to the point of wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Yowie Man.

Who knows what you will find?

In the Spirit of Banjo is Tim’s very own guide to Canberra and beyond.

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